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The journey to the  

End of Wonders

has begun!


We invite you to join us and take part

in fulfilling a dream. 

It is especially during these challenging times that we choose to say yes to music, yes to love, and yes to the belief that we must all continue to live, create and act.

We believe that now is the time for all of us to make our voices heard and effect positive change in the world. Our way of doing that is through our music.

End of Wonders will be our third album, following our first two albums of sacred Jewish music, Lev Tahor (2007) and Mikolot Mayim (2016). 

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Albums & Songbook

Original New Music for Ancient Liturgy

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Feliza & Or Zohar are composers and performers of sacred music. Based in the Galilee, they tour internationally, sharing their music, teachings and life experiences. Feliza & Or have released two albums, Lev Tahor (2007) and Mikolot Mayim (2016), and a songbook of their original melodies, Feliza & Or Zohar Sacred Music (2018, Vol. 1).

Rabbi Or Zohar is a musician and teacher of Judaism and Kabbalah, and a Reform Jewish entrepreneurial activist. He is the Reform rabbi of the Misgav Region in the Central Galilee, and formerly served as the rabbi of Congregation Maalot Tivon in Kiryat Tivon and as the founding rabbi of Kehilat Halev in Tel Aviv. Ordained at the Jerusalem campus of HUC, he has an MA in Jewish Philosophy from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Jewish Thought and Indian Studies from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.    

Feliza Bascara-Zohar is a singer-songwriter, song leader, artist and choreographer. She teaches a mindful holistic approach to worship, which she calls Embodied Prayer. She has an MA in Expressive Art Therapies from Tel Aviv University, a BA in Musicology and Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a certificate in Voice Movement Therapy.  


Mikolot Mayim

Sacred Music Album

Mikolot Mayim (2016) is a musical mandala of 13 Shabbat songs that takes the listener on a spiritual journey through Shabbat. The East-meets-West style of their original melodies reflects the authentic fusion of their identities and musical influences.
Price: $20 for CD (incl. shipping)

Lev Tahor

Sacred Music Album

Lev Tahor (2007), Feliza & Or's first album, in collaboration with Shantam Zohar, has been a pioneering voice in a new wave of contemporary Israeli spiritual music.
Price: $20 for CD (incl. shipping)

Feliza & Or Zohar

Original Music Songbook

Contains 28 lead sheets of original melodies from over a decade of composing new Jewish Israeli liturgy. The arrangements, with the duo's distinctive two-part harmonies, are suitable for both amateur and professional musicians, making these songs accessible to lovers of sacred music everywhere.
Price: $30 (incl. shipping)

Discount Package

Songbook & 2 CDs

Discount package includes Feliza & Or Zohar's Sacred Music Songbook, Mikolot Mayim CD & Lev Tahor CD.
Price: $50 (incl. shipping)


FOR BOOKINGS or if you just want to learn more about Feliza & Or Zohar, their music, their workshops and lectures, and their tour dates - please contact us.


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